There are several reference of Kullu in the Ramayana & Mahabharata, Vishnu Purana & other Sanskrit literature. But it is believed that Manu after the great deluge, first stepped into the earth from the celestial boat at a place on this land. The particular spot where he established his abode was the present Manali (village), which is regarded as the changed name of 'MANU-ALAYA', that is the home of Manu. It was from here that the human race came into being after the deluge.



Kullu was probably the most ancient state next to Kashmir and Kangra. Like other hill states, Kullu had its ups and downs till it was ceded to the British in 1846 according to Lahore agreement, along with other trans-Sutluj states.

Kullu was made a sub-division of Kangra District. Lahaul-spiti was attached to Kullu for administration. In 1960 Lahaul-Spiti was a separate district. Kullu was also declared a district in 1963 and was a part of Punjab up to October 1966. On 1st November 1966, on reorganization of states, Kullu became a District of Himachal Pradesh.


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